Welcome to the home of Contact us help shopping cart home about us   article title, keywords or abstract article title publication title author advanced search subject publisher publication browse by: home >> hematology, volume 11, number 2 bleeding manifestations in severely thrombocytopenic children with immune thrombocytopenic purpura authors: chandra, jagdish 1 ; ravi, rakesh 1 ; singh, varinder 1 ; narayan, shashi 2 ; sharma, sunita 2 ; dutta, a. K. 1 source: hematology, volume 11, number 2, april 2006 , pp. buy viagra on line 131-133(3) publisher: maney publishing < previous article | view table of contents | next article >  buy & download fulltext article: or pressing the buy now button more than once may result in multiple purchases price: $48. buy generic viagra usa 00 plus tax (refund policy)         abstract: objective: to report the observations on various bleeding manifestations in children with immune thrombocytopenic purpura (itp) having severe thrombocytopenia (platelet count (pc) < 20,000/? Viagra users comments L) and to compare the differences in bleeding manifestations at levels of pc at < 10,000/? L compared with between 10,000 and 20,000/? viagra super active real L. viagra super active real Study design: it is a retrospective analysis of bleeding manifestations in children with itp (n = 58) having severe thrombocytopenia recorded between july 1999 and june 2002. cheap viagra on line A total of 164 episodes of severe thrombocytopenia were observed. During 31 episodes (18. 9%), no bleeding manifestations were observed. When bleeding was observed cutaneous bleeds were the commonest manifestations occurring in 124 episodes. Of these 124 instances, in 82 (66. 1%) episodes only cutaneous bleeding was observed while in remaining 42 (33. reviews on viagra for women 9%) episodes cutaneous bleeding was associated with other bleeding sites. Other common bleeds observed included epistaxis 22 (13. viagra vs viagra vs viagra which one is better 4%), oral bleeding 21 (12. 8%) and gastro-intestinal bleeding 5 (3. 04%). Comparison of the bleeding manifestations during episodes when the pc was < 10,000/? L and those between 10,000 and 20,000/? cheap viagra online L showed that in 76. viagra need prescription 6% episodes with the count at > 10,000/? L no or only cutaneous bleeds were observed (clinically mild disease) compared to 59. original viagra for sale 45% episodes with episodes having pc < 10,000/? viagra or viagra good L (z score 2. viagra super active real 37, p < 0. 05). There was no statistically significant difference in proportion of patients having clinically mild disease during acute or chronic phase of the disease. Viagra headquarters photo snopes Conclusion: during episodes of severe thrombocytopenia, most children have clinically mild disease. viagra uk fast delivery When the pc is < 10,000/? best price for generic viagra L clinically mild disease is observed less often compared to episodes with pc 10,000–20,000/? L. generic viagra online canadian pharmacy Based on these observations, it can be recommended that during severe thrombocytopenia, particularly when the pc is between 10,000–20,22,000/? viagra online L, patients can be safely managed with watchful waiting without any specific therapeutic intervention. Viagra dosage time Keywords: thrombocytopenia; bleeding manifestations; cutaneous bleeding; platelet levels document. buy viagra online aytoriotuerto.com
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